Our Team

Pete Mazany (Founder and CEO)Mazany

PhD. (Yale), MCom (Hons.) BSc (Auckland)

Pete Mazany is passionate about how education enables people to achieve their full potential. He is the founder and CEO of Schoolsims NZ Limited, a company that uses on-demand, simulation-based software to halve the time and double the effectiveness of learning, teaching and assessment for NCEA topics.   These simulations enrich the learning process for students and teachers by providing immediate feedback and real-world contexts for the problems. They improve the teamwork of students and their willingness to help one another also. They can be used anywhere there is an internet connection.

Pete has worked with organisations in the United States and New Zealand to develop competitive strategies, team-orientated cultures and the necessary supporting management systems, particularly with SMEs. He studied at the University of Auckland, completed his PhD. in Management Science at Yale University, and worked for the Boston Consulting Group. He was consultant to Team New Zealand, the successful America’s Cup challenger in 1995, and helped design management systems to support teamwork, accountability, and communications. He continued in this role for America’s Cup 2003.  He has worked for and been contracted to the University of Auckland Business School to develop and teach simulation-based business courses. He is the recipient of several teaching awards including Best Teacher in the MBA and the Outstanding Teacher Award at the University of Auckland.

See Wong (Software Development Leader)


See Wong has spent 8 years with SmartSims and SymComm building earlier versions of this software. He is currently a software designer with ASB Bank and runs the IT team at Schoolsims.  See has a Masters in Add an ImageComputer Science at the University of Auckland and has commenced his PhD.

Peter Sumich (Business Development)

Peter Sumich is responsible for the business direction and develSumichopment. He works with customers, networks, partners and funding providers as well as provides strong financial and project management to the team. Professionally, he is a Chartered Accountant who is academically qualified with a Masters in Commerce and has commenced his PhD.  Peter is currently Finance & Planning Manager of the Faculty of Design and Creative Technologies at AUT University and a contractor for the NZICA and its PAS programme.

DoyleDoyle Trinh (Sims Development and General Management)

Doyle is responsible for the development testing of the portal and the client.He is also the senior author and works with Peter Sumich on business relationships. He has graduated from the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting and Finance.

The Sim Author Team

We have a number of authors are developing our simulations. They are high-performing and advanced undergraduate students from the University of Auckland.