Task 2 – Recording transactions in the cash receipts and cash payments journal

acc 1.2 task 2

1. In Task 2 and 3 I am getting errors in regards to dates and incorrect entries.

When filling in Task 2, please use the transactions date where available.

In task 3, use the period’s end date.

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2. The marking shows everything is correct in the left hand side, however for GAP for CRJ it says I only have a certain percentage correct, yet I am only receiving merit.

The marking on the left shows whether you have entered it correctly or not but does not take GAP into consideration. This is mainly focused at the Achieved / Merit level.
GAP is used to differentiate between Merit & Excellence students. You should look at the video helps again to see what should be done, and check with your teacher too.  If everything is shown as correct, the most common reason is that you have not entered the amount into Cash Receipts and Bank Column in CRJ according to GAP.

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3. I am not sure what the references stand for in the CPJ & CRJ?

In each journal, there is a column for reference. You will need to choose the appropriate reference for each transaction. We provide you with the options as follow:

  1. The numbers: these are the cheque numbers that you can choose from.
  2. Cash: Cash transactions
  3. DD: Direct Debit from the bank account
  4. DC: Direct Credit to the bank account
  5. EFT: EFTPOS transactions
  6. OB: Online Banking transactions the firm makes.

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